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Points South West Realms: Residents in the south western realms relate many sightings of undead moving from east to west.

Grave robbings are still reported throughout the area.

A large beast has been spotted in the night skies as well, but confirmation on what it is, or what it is doing has not been done. Reports vary wildly about its size and shape. Most say it is between twelve and thirty feet in length, and vaguely dragon-like in appearance. No attacks from the beast have yet been reported. Those that claim to have seen it state it was travelling either from east to west, or west to east.

Additionally, early caravans due from the West through Brandon's Pass have not yet arrived in the Realms, despite the better weather of late. Caravans heading to the West from the Realms through the Pass have not sent any correspondence back to the Realms, either.

South-East of Caer Condra: An elf of unknown origin was found wandering the road near Caer Condra. The elf was badly wounded and fevered. Standard medicine and magic was not helpful in her recovery. She is currently in the Broken Shield Tavern, the prognosis is not favorable. She seems to be obsessing about a 'black light' or a 'black gate.' Little is understood about her raving.

Around the Realms: Various children are having vivid, and disturbing dreams about a dark-haired man with a white-furred 'puppet'. The dark haired man seems very nice, but the children are instinctively frightened of him. The 'puppet' seems to be the dark-haired man's slave or something. The children report that while the man is nice to them, he is very cruel to the puppet.
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