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Achoria: People are bewildered as a small chunk of the city Derkhealden have seemingly disappeared overnight. Granted, it isn't families that have been split up (too much), but multiple people, including the Lord Valas Baneshot, are gone like a thief in the night. Inquiries have led to Mandir Luna, where the priestess/priest team remarked that the Lord himself was praying in the Inner Sanctum from sun-set until dawn, when the first discovery of missing guards was made, and then became city-spread. There are also two abandoned shops and multiple abandoned booths in the Market Place. Mandir Tymora is still in disrepair from its last break-in. However, signs point that with the announcement of a new Steward (A Knight of Blackwood, from Folkestone), the incidents could be related.

Paradise: The usually friendly Fire Trolls haven't been heard from in some time for trading, and all trade has completely stopped from New Illinar, but trading continues with Teng Hua, Eagle's Rook, Carrick/Olan's Entourages, Achoria, Chimeron, and Southern Wastes. As spring draws to a close, there have also been strides under the new Archon/leader to build more buildings to replace the ones lost in Faerie.

Eagle's Rook: A new silver mine has been built as another small hill was discovered to have a rich deposit. There is speculation about how much silver does run under the lands.

Griffindor: A young man is heading up an expedition to go to the Misty Hills, where men and orcs work together in odd studies.

Nature's Kin: Scouts have reported that an outpost in the Forest of Kelvar is finishing construction. Several demons have surrounded the area, and are on guard. Kresil appears to be assembling a strong hold within the Forest of Kelvar for his attack onto the Coia Orn.

North-East corner of the Realms: Residents in River Town are beginning to turn their path into a road, and are thinking about making a new exploration unit to see how much further the Realms can travel/settle before hitting the Centaur Lands (for cartographers, they are paying well).

Wendmor: There was a visit from two powerful priestesses, one armored, one not, within days of each other. Barring that, an outpost is nearly finishing construction, dedicated to the men of Ashenmark for their repeated service to the two towns.
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