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East of the Jade Dragon Tea House - A Significant discovery has been made in the foothills on the unclaimed lands some miles east of the Jade Dragon Tea House: One of the Hills in this region has been discovered a massive burial mound, one of the largest yet known. The explorers who stumbled on it have yet to determine its age or what may be inside. "Based on similar structures," said Seer Karl Jefron, "I would say it has to be at least 15 to 20 thousand years old, before the human mortal record. If it turns out to be anything like the others we have found in the area, local tribes would have built the hill and buried all of the dead for the tribe in it. Based on the size, it may just be a "king" and his entourage, or it may be a mass grave with thousands of people ranging for multiple generations. we are excited to discover what will be there when we open up the main gates." When asked if he suspect any magical issues, Jefron said "It was very common to have some wards in place to keep out 'evil spirits', but again if it is typical of the others, the wards and warnings should be very minor."
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