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In the Yukon River Valley:

The young militia fighters at Fort Oakenbrook have allegedly loosed some rather bold declarations regarding the upcoming tournaments held in their name. Details are sketchy but travelers have heard cheers of "...unmatched florentine...", "...will sweep the shield tournament...", and "I could win the hand and a half tournament with a 4'6"...but I'll use the 5'... because I don't have a 4'6", that's all" come from behind the walls on Wednesday nights. One member of the Oaken Guard have released what they called an official statement saying, "We have said no such things, and welcome the Chimeron Militia to the festivities as we would any of our younger siblings."

Daybreak and surrounding areas:

More people have taken up the cause of traveling and spreading this 'Ritual of Light' into the Realms among common folk. Others are looking more to the skies and waiting for signs from the gods.

Another building slipped away into Faerie; the city no longer has its newly-built customs house. However, the residents that remain are staying steadfast and resolute: this is their home.

Eagle's Rook:
The Temple of Arius and the Temple of Xaos were both completed earlier this week. While many flock to the worship services and breathe new life into Arius's words, the temple of Xaos is silent and vacant.
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