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Teng Hua: The remains of several fishing boats have washed up on the
shores of the Kingdom of Flowers and Trader's Port, near the portal to
New Mythguard/Aerenor. A few fishermen who have survived mentioned it
was due to the odd 'sun-shower' that happened on Friday, where quite
literally rain and then hail pelted the boats, looking to the men like
streams of light.

Glendale: Commoners and citizens alike have been treated to a lighter
side: A slightly kooky man of portly-size has been wandering about,
singing songs about Fae, the Dark One and an axe made of blood. He
takes the food given, but he refuses any sort of roof over his head,
favoring the cold conditions as of late. He has an air of nobility
about him, however, and so the people still
treat him as a 'nice (if not crazy) bard'. The favorite songs seem to
be about carpenters and kings with ships and shoes,and another
humdinger about '101 ways to Cook a Changeling Child'.

Misty Hills: A fight broke out between the peaceful mystics and the
orcs in the hills against people in green tabards, led by a young man
wearing blue and black. The orcs subdued the green tabards, but the
young man who led the charge took naught more than five steps away
from the battle and then was gone from sight.
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