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Templar Eternis, off the Coast of Miller's Reach: Violent seismic activity was felt of the coast of the Templar Eternis lands some time ago. Sailors and pirates in Corsica's ports are saying that they saw a volcanic island form there overnight. Some say it flourished with new life in one night with tress and flowers. A black shadowed figure has been seen on the island walking along it's coasts near the volcano. There is one loan dock for now big enough for a small sail ship, and the Templars have been seen making crossings to this new island and guarding it. Word has it that only Spyder's ship has been allowed to make port.

North of Darkvale: Merchants on the roads near Darkvale have reported three creatures that have recently begun to appear, all of them glowing a sickly green light. It is said one of them holds a small “box of flesh and bone” and is looking for a Chimeronian in red and black. The other two were hard to describe, but are said to be made of “rock, shadows and sickness”.

Griffindor: At dawn, a woman of “unsurpassed beauty” can be seen walking near the lake. Any that come near her feel the air warm and can smell “the scents of spring”. No one has heard her speak, but any that walk near her have claimed miraculous healing, even for long- time ailments.

The Barrow Downs: A woman in a “strange black tabard” has been buying up unusually large amounts of rope. When asked why, she is reported to say something about “going to rescue a pet”. Guards that have confronted her about matching the description of a woman who went on a killing spree have been known to walk away from the conversation and take their own lives. Any merchants refusing to help her have met the same fate.

Teng Hua: Peasants have been claiming “winged angels” have appeared to them and have been converting people to a god they have called “Erebos”. Those who have converted have found themselves with an extrodinary run of luck. Those who have refused have claimed some trouble sleeping, but nothing else of note.
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