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Unclaimed Lands, West: A thick blanket of smoke has been spotted in the western reaches of the uncharted portions of the realms. Some believe a forest fire might have been started, but initial scouting hasn't reported any such sign. A few scouts feel this rumor is unfounded, citing that a fire could not start with this much rain falling.

East of the Jade Dragon Tea House: For the villages near the Barrow Downs, a warning not to travel at night has been issued by any that would heed it. Most of the towns are now building makeshift walls in the hope to keep out whatever is moving and killing in the fog. All excavation crews have disbanded in fear, save the primary crew of Scholars, however they have not been heard from in some time.

Across the known Realms: Rumors are circulating village to village. They speak of a Woman traveling from town to town, speaking prophesy for villagers who are in need and holding religious services for any who would listen. She preaches about spirits she calls the Majors. She has been seen healing those who seek it of both the body and the soul. She has also given warning against falling into the Forgetting.
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