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The Barrow Downs: Tragedy has struck one of the village on the edge of the fog-riddled lands. In a single night, forty children were brutally slaughtered by the "undead horror", now identified as a woman in a "bizzare" surcoat. Fifteen men and women were also slain by the horror during the rampage. A massive man hunt ensued, but of the one hundred armed men that went out to find the horror, only thirty returned alive. No bodies were found, only blood.
The village is said to be disbanding and will find somewhere else in the world to live.

In the middle-south: A few notable adventurers and commoners alike have been increasingly under-the-weather, barely able to to entertain/do a hero's work, let alone complete mundane work. There's also reports of people looking older than their years should show.

River west of the Jade Dragon Tea House: A half dozen bodies were found by the river, riddled with arrows. The bodies appear to have been drowning victims because of their bloated and waterlogged nature. No one is sure why they would have been shot after they drowned. There is no blood found at the scene, though there are tracks heading north.

Southern Wastes: A man bearing a tabard of black and white and a fairly large hammer has been seen repeatedly wandering the wastelands in a daze. Attempts to help or 'help' the man out (even for healing or 'healing') have met with verbal rebuttal of a non-sensical sort before he is lost in the winds and shadows again.

Rhiassa: A man was run off by the militia for 'disturbing the peace': he claimed that he had as much right to a piece of the land as any one else and yet gave no resistance when being ushered to the borders.

Far North-East, in the Seas: More and more sailors that are coming in from the shipyards on leave are reporting what they seem to think are large fish... folk, making their way to the shores and riverbeds rather than be in the ocean. It is rather disturbing, one notes, that they seem to just immediately take to the land and begin to run.

Around the Realms: Children here and there are said to have a sudden want to tell stories to their toys. Parents seem to view this as a new adorable trend and have been encouraging it. “It shows they are being creative.”

Bard everywhere have been talking about the rumors new competitions popping up. These competition nights are said to “have rewards given beyond the coffers of Chimeron, Folkestone, and Rhiassa combined.”

They say that the largest reward is for the best story told, but no one seems to know *where* the competitions are!
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