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Western Chimeron: A strange man was seen fleeing bandits across an grove of trees. When the man was cornered, he shouted a series of strange words, then vanished in an explosion. The fire burned itself out quickly, doing little damage to the grove.

Scattered reports: A large number of goblins have been disappearing, seemingly at random. A few people have mentioned seeing goblins carried off by rock golems, before the golems disappear behind a tree.

Fishermen on the Eastern sea beyond Teng Hua have been reporting in of a bright green flash on the horizon before dawn.

Others have reported a large, glowing green vessel with 3 masts heading for shore at great speed. One fisherman claims the boat rippled, as if it was made of water. His crew mates claim he drank a bit too much last night and that the claim is unreliable, although the fisherman is adamant he was sober when they came upon the ship i n the dawn hours.

In the area where the ship was reported, hundreds of dead fish have been found on the surface of the water.

No rational explanation has been given.
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