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Realms, New Illinar: Local peasants dwelling in the lordless boundaries of New Illinar report that the portal connecting the Realms to the Fortress of Pale within Illinar has closed, leaving any straggling forces of the Realms within Illinar stranded.

The fate of Queen Aideen's 4 year long siege of the city of Hambleford where the armies of General Gabriel the traitor had dug themselves in so deeply remains undecided.

Ivory: Reports of a elven mage and a dark elf with one hand dragging an unconscious body of a gray elf through the gates. Both looked slightly annoyed, the third just bruised.

Daybreak: A small group of people have been granted the blessings of the Five Ladies and in this suddenly warm stretch of winter weather, embarked into different parts of the Realms, intent on teaching 'The Ritual of Light' after the Prophecy of Darkness graced their doorsteps.

Wendmor: Work on paths, barns, and fields is beginning once more, with hopes of more adventurers taking a few days or even one out of their time to work among the commoners (and interesting creatures as well).
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