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God List

A short list of commonly worshiped gods in the Realms.

Aurora - Goddess of Light; represents hope, light, purity, the sun

Gaia - Goddess of the Earth; represents earth, life, healing

Justari - God of Justice; represents justice, righteousness, law, civilization

Arius - God of Truth and Battle

Rawonam - God of War; represents war, battle

Garm - God of Balance; enforcer of the Gods

Dionin - God of Death; represents death, destruction

Dark One - God of Hate, represents hate, nothingness, entropy

Rexan - God of Serpents; represents serpents, venom, poison

Chronos - God of Time, represents time, destiny

Antioch - God of Magic, represents magic, reality, dreams, creation

Luna - Goddess of the Moon; represents the moon, madness, change

Tymora - Goddess of Luck; represents luck, fate, destiny

Xaos - Goddess of the Void; represents void, nothingness

Diskordia - Goddess of Chaos/ Arioch - God of Chaos

Eris - Goddess of Strife; represents strife, hard work, discord

Vandor - God of Vengeance; represents vengeance and protection

Lloth - Drow Goddess of Spiders; represents spiders, chaos, drow

Elistraee - Drow Goddess of Swordplay and Laughter

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