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Name: Garm, God of Balance, The Enforcer of the Gods
Domain: Balance
Symbols: a horned helmet with crossed swords under it engulfed in flames
Avatars: Asmodeus
Plot marshals: Matt Daviault, Leanne Hoffman
Area of Influence: the Crossroads
He is the enforcer of the gods. When one deity destroyed the entire line of a second one, Garm was sent to punish this action. With this act, he ascended to replace the then seventeenth deity. He believes that a word is a bond that cannot be broken. He collects the souls of those who betray him. He rules over the underworld, patron of demons and devils.

Little to much is known of Garm save his temperament: a hard-lined warrior who plays no favorites and has no time for foolishness nor cowards. Garm has both Priests and Knights dedicated to his work: that of keeping the balance of gods even, and striking out if needs be to level the playing field. What his faithful carry out across the Realms and the other planes of existence, Garm keeps tabs on in the Heavenly Realms and the Hells Below, wherever gods make their domain. When Evil rises up, Garm has been known to spur his Knights into action to rally the people and fight back. However, Garm has also followed through with threats when Good seems to be getting too high and mighty for anyone's tastes, and have been brought down low before their enemies through the works of his Priests and other creatures.
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