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The Five Ladies

Name: The Five Ladies (Fortuna/Tyche/Tymora, Eris, Diskordia, Luna and Xaos)
Domain: varies, see each individual goddess
Symbols: varies, see each individual goddess
Avatars: varies, see each individual goddess
Plot marshals: Janna Oakfellow-Pushee, general Realms
Area of Influence: General Realms
The Five Ladies is a pantheon of strong women, brought over from the Neo-Hellenic Isles by the late Nero to Achoria, where its birthplace in the Realms started. Each woman has a period of time where she is strongest when called upon, has a holy holiday (some every year, some not), and are related by blood to the late Nero. There are rumors there may be other descendants in the Realms, though none have come forth with a claim to all Five Ladies. They've also been referred to as The Chaotic Ladies, and they usually just as often change their minds and attitudes on subjects to keep this title.

Read about the individual goddess for more information on their role within the Church of the Five Ladies structure and within the Realms. Each Goddess is separately listed in the main religious lore section for information not involving this group as a whole.
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