Lesser Gods

This section contains information on the lesser Gods and Gods with little information available about them. This list also included Gods that are only worshiped by a few individuals and/or only in a particular region of the Realms.

Brenda, the Great Northern Shed Gopher and Goddess of the North
Domain:the lands of Folkestone
Symbol:a gopher
Plot marshals:Dave Dolph
Area of Influence:Folkestone

Brenda very seldom interferes in the affairs of mortals, but she is the highest ranking god of the North (primarily within Folkestone lands). Therefore all Divine Interventions and other such entreaties by default go through her. While she prefers to be left alone, she is willing to grant most desires. However, when people start to make "stupid" requests (this being defined as "grasping for more than they should") her wrath can be easily riled. Often this is in the form of Gopher Piss raining down on the person, but sometimes she can get even more severe, up to and including severance from the mortal coil.

She does not ask for any system of servitude or reverence, though there a few who actively worship her.

Comedus, God of Comedy
Domain:Comedy, Humor, Laughter
Plot marshals:Mike Amend
Area of Influence: unknown

It was thought that Comedus was just a presiding small god over a short-lived tournament series called Ace in the Hole, but when the Meeting of the Gods took place to discuss what was to be done concerning the Erl King, Comedus was not only allowed to sit at their table, but it was realized that the small god might have a way to destroy all the Laughing Dead with just a few well-chosen words... or in his case, punch-lines.

Edaonae, Patron Goddess of Blackwood
Symbol:a statue of a four-faced woman
Plot marshals:Neil Tozier
Area of Influence:the lands of Blackwood

Depicted as a four-faced woman (so she can see all seasons change), not much is known about Edaonae, save that in recent years altars that have been attempted to be dedicated to her were successfully blessed to The Dark One instead. Her last known priestess was a young girl who was fond of flowers so much she wore them as a wreath in her hair, but she has not been seen recently.

Faylie, Patron Goddess of Banecroft
Domain:Light, Protection, Time
Symbol:an oak leaf, sometimes with silver or gold accents
Avatar: none
Plot marshals:Dan Diamond, Michelle McCarthy
Area of Influence:the Barony of Banecroft, Misty Glen

Faylie suffered deeply when a group of monotheists purged Misty Glen. Baron Diamond championed her cause by discovering the real meaning of the Champion's tourney, one of many tourneys being held there. Assisted by Lorhner and Tetch, they completed the ritual hinted at in the Champion's tourney, allowing her to manifest in Misty Glen again.

Diamond brought this faith back to Banecroft. Tiara was granted an acorn from the plane of Earth which Faylie empowered to grow a magical grove as her place of worship.

The Huntress, Goddess of the Hunt
Domain:Chaos, Protection, Vengeance, Life, Wolves/Werewolves
Symbol:A white wolf head crossing a green moon on a field of black
Plot marshals:Maryanne Bettie, Beth Tozier
Area of Influence:Tarngire, The Western Borderlands,
Elemirre, Yarra Draug

The Huntress is usually depicted as a female with long, wavy hair, holding a bow and with a pack of varied animals (good for hunting and to be used for hunting) surrounding her feet. She wears simple hunting garb and a tabard depicting her heraldry. Hunters and rangers in the affected lands give thanks to her for showing them the good game and leave offerings for the animals they hunt as well, to show respect and their dependence on the prey.

Meilikki, Patron Goddess of Dryads and Rangers
Symbol:a unicorn's head, facing left
Plot marshals:Wendy Vigneault, Matt Daviault
Area of Influence:Windsong Forest

Sometimes called the Forest Queen, she is the patron of dryads and rangers and seeks to protect the forests and its creatures. Those who revere nature will find that this goddess might take the role of a guide or as a protector.

Min, Patron God of Hedonism
Domain:Hedonism, Fertility, Sex, Drinking
Symbol:a goblet of mead
Plot marshals:Ian Struckhoff
Area of Influence:Achoria

Min's following is largely know for the annual feast held in his honor. The 12th of July is historically the date of the high feast, but it has been known to change to suit his whim and the will of them who party.

Min is known for revelry and the enjoyment of all the pleasures in life. Woe be to those who cross him, for Min has been known to take the enjoyment out of drinking and other pursuits of pleasure.
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