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Harlequin, God of Dark Humor and Trickery
Domain:Humor, Trickery
Symbol:a purple diamond on a field of black
Plot marshals:Maryanne Bettie, Beth Tozier, Jason Gray, Josh Fitzgerald, Janna O-P (Time only)
Area of Influence: Western and Mid-Realms, Gau Dring, Neden.

Harlequin's personal colors are purple and black, usually accentuated with silver. Harlequin is depicted as an androgynous persona, and switches 'genders' to suit its mood (which also shifts a lot). If you're not laughing over the tragedies of life, Harlequin can and WILL make you laugh. Such laughing can prove deadly as well, which, of course, provides much amusement to this lesser god. The current High Priest is Lakomasoi, and those who follow Harlequin can eventually become what's known as 'Death Jesters'.

From Lako's notes:

Domain: Major: Chaos, Mirth, Laughter
Secondary: Trickery, Merriment
Tertiary: Truth, Survival, Madness

Symbol: 4 Purple Diamonds outlined in a thin silver line, backed on a field of Black. The arrangement of the Diamonds form a Larger Diamond.

Harlequin has always been known as the god of Dark Humor, a Chaotic god of trickery and foolishness. What if the god instead did all this for a higher purpose? Harlequin has spoken to me and I have seen why they are Mad. They were driven mad by the truth of the end of all things, also how to avert it.

Chaos and Laughter- Everything will come to an end when there is only one thought, one mind, and there is no longer a reason to laugh. Imagine a world where it has all been decided, there is no free will, no division, no contest. It is all one reason to be, you will never see people rise to be great, or the victories of the good over evil. You will never have the moment of true happiness.

Harlequin has seen it and the path that leads to the end is one devoid of laughter when the world can no longer make this god laugh it is too late. To appease the god is to keep that Chaos going, to keep your own laughter going as a slight to the end Harlequin has seen. Keeping this Chaos going is why I call myself a Shepard of Chaos, I do not live in it but I learn to weave it in Harlequins name.

- Lakomasoi Nuntiak
Solitaire of Harlequin
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