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Name: Gaia, Goddess of the Earth
Domain: Earth, Life, Nature
Symbols: a stylized tree on a field of green
Avatars: Cuileann
Plot marshals: General Realms
Area of Influence: woodland areas in the Realms
Gaia. Mother Nature. Mother Earth. She Who Bears Many. The goddess is older than any realm we walk, and is the mother to many a god, goddess, and legend. The most familiar children are the Children of Gaia: The Grey Man, Aurora, Luna, and Dio. She is close to Melikki, and shares a bond with all spirits of the earth and of nature. Druids and rangers revere her, and every creature across the Realms in every nation, clan, and tongue: from the low-borne to the highest noble, have at least some knowledge of her somewhere. She has an even temperament, but there are many who go forth in her name to stop the wanton destruction of nature and the useless killing of animals just for sport.

Gaia worshipers vary in stature and species. Some are very public and go so far as to build churches, temples and shrines, while others are content to walk the earth and call it good. Adventurers that have dealt with a personified version of Gaia in the flesh have described her as matronly and yet fair of face, with laurels or flower wreaths adorning her brow and weaved into her long hair. She's also been depicted as curvaceous middle-aged woman, and also a pregnant woman in art, and is asked for help sometimes in fertility rituals of both land and hearth.
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