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Name: Aurora, Goddes of Light and the Sun
Domain: Faith, Hope, Light, Purity
Symbols: an eight pointed star, a stylized sun
Avatars: Dalindanna, King Alcar of Coventry
Plot marshals: Randy Gordon, Leanne M, Tom Gallagher
Area of Influence: General Realms, Ivory, Coventry
Aurora is the goddess of Light, Hope embodied in it's eternal form. She is personified as a Woman, though her consciousness takes many forms and manifests itself within every being. Classically, she is the daughter of Gaia, and the true older sister of Luna. Her worship started as basic sun worship by our farming-based ancestors, but as time and the ethos evolved, she matured into her more modern role. Practice of Auroranism is common and heavily ritualized, and casual belief and reverence is appropriately widespread among common folk. The growth of the Church itself has lead to several notable schisms, largely diverging on the appropriate uses of military and arcane forces alongside divine means. Though once nearly extinct among adventuring folk, the religion has seen an upswing over the last decade.
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