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Curt, God of Getting Things Done Right Now
Symbol:none (takes too long)
Avatar: Berendir (beren+dÓr) the Quick
Plot marshals: Jason Gray, Janna Oakfellow-Pushee
Area of Influence:Primarily Folkestone and the Western Realms

Curt believes in action. If there is a choice between talking or acting he almost always sides with action. He is not against informed decisions, but he dictates that delaying overly long while looking for information is a detriment and any action is better than no action.

While he had a strong following since the days of the Mad King/Pathos's aftermath war against The Silver Queen, Curt worship has quieted down considerably over the millennia. He has no formal organization or priests as of current times of this writing, but many within the North follow his dictates, even when they do not realize they are doing so.
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