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Name: Rawonam, God of War
Domain: War, Battle
Symbols: a golden boar on a field of crimson
Avatars: Sir Shane, Strathmore
Plot marshals: Tom Gallagher, Randy Gordon
Area of Influence: Chimeron
No god, small or large, has been able to rise to the amount of success over the domain of war as Rawonam. The god is usually depicted in tapestries and art as a largely built muscled man, wearing a sash of some sort and a leather armor kilt with many belts to hold up his many weapons. Both arms bear a bracer, and in one hand a mighty shield. Men and women who follow this god and wish to court/marry someone will find it an uphill battle all the way, but the success at the end will make the union as strong as the god's shield itself. Rawonam is also the god that was fought for and won in the Ascension Wars that took place in 999.
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