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Name: Chronos, God of Time
Domain: Time, Infinity, Fate
Symbols: a mobius strip turned on its side, the infinity symbol
Avatars: Andorr/Andorra
Plot marshals: Steven Matulewicz, Janna Oakfellow-Pushee
Area of Influence: Temples of Time, Mythguard Island, the un-named Isle in the eastern sea
Chronos is a very mysterious god, and some legends claim that he was not 'born or made' but just became self-aware, and thus Time began. Not much is known about this god, save what adventurers have experienced for themselves: priests of Chronos are all blind, and are rumored to age backwards upon answering the call to priesthood. Acolytes can be male or female, but no known female priestess has been seen to exist thus far. There was also a being called Gray, that did the work of Chronos in keeping Time (and those who like to muck with it) in line. Although apparently not a Tetch Shard, she was obliterated in 1014 M.R. and as such there is currently no way for keeping Time (and those who like to muck with it) in line without breaking "The Rules", which Chronos will not do.
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