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Name: Kiolin, Goddess of the Flow of Magic
Domain: Magic
Symbols: three golden waves on a blue shield with a gold border
Avatars: none
Plot marshals: Steven Matulewicz
Area of Influence: Mythguard Isle
Kiolin was originally the avatar of Rein, the former Goddess of the Flow of Magic. Kiolin was stripped of her powers as an avatar, but still lead the combined heroes of the Realms against her former Goddess. Weilding Yannith, Kiolin was able to slay Rein and take over Rein's domain.

While Kiolin has yet to appear in the flesh once more in the Realms,her old personae was that of a tall female, long wavy hair, carrying a long spear and wearing armor under a battle dress. She suffers no fools and thus can be curt and cutting when she feels someone is not getting to the point.
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