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Name: Vandor, God of Vengeance
Domain: Vengence, Protection
Symbols: three silver chevrons (points downward) encased in a rectagle on a field of black
Avatars: none, Usually appears in person or through his agent, Gairivanus
Plot marshals: Tom Gallagher
Area of Influence: Mythguard, Darkspire, Voranniss, Folkestone, Eagle's Rook
"The Mortal God"
Ages ago there was a great war between all the peoples of the world. The gods were called upon repeatedly by their charges to help them defeat their enemies resulting in destruction on a massive level. The gods convened and decided that there can be no more intervention if there was to be any hope of people surviving. They pulled away from the people of the world. Vandor watched the world and witnessed the many atrocities visited upon those who he protected and could stand aside no more. He directly involved himself resulting in the end of the war. Due to transgression, the other gods decreed that he was to be cast down. For many years, he lived on as a mortal until his teachings were discovered and once again spread by Avendar. With the return of his worshipers, his status as a diety was partially restored. From there his church continued to grow and he was eventually raised up to his original power.
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