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The Dark One

Name: The Dark One
Domain: varies, see individual texts from Darklore and the Order of the Revenents
Symbols: a blue "A" encirlced on a black field, a black sun on a crimson field
Avatars: the Dark One has an avatar, but no name is known
Plot marshals: Brian Murphy , Tom Johnson, Cal Marsden, Chris Marques, Ben Grant (Darklore), Matt Daviault (Order of the Revenents)
Area of Influence: Folkestone, Revenent Island, Grimloch, Dark Isle, White Coast City
The Dark One wishes nothing more than to have everything rejoin the All. The Dark One is not a person or singular entity, but rather refers to the Dark "oneness". The truth and teachings of the Dark One have been lost for centuries. Ancient texts have been buried and those worshipers of the Dark One have kept themselves hidden until a time where the true purpose of the Dark One could be known by all and Its followers move freely in this world doing Its work. In recent times, the worshipers of the Dark One are divided by their systematic beliefs and practices.
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