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Name: Tymora, Goddess of Fate and Luck
Domain: Luck, Fate, Destiny
Symbols: a golden coin
Avatars: unknown
Plot marshals: (formerly)Joe Piepiora, general Realms
Area of Influence: General Realms, Illinar, New Illinar
Tymora shines upon those who take risks and blesses those who deal harshly with the followers of great evil. Worshipers are commonly consisting of adventurers and others who rely on a mixture of luck and skill to achieve their goals. The Tymoran clergy encourages folk to pursue their dreams. They are also duty-bound to aid the daring by providing healing. Shrines and temples of Tymora are widespread as the need of adventurers to be healed making the temples wealthy. These places of worship often differ significantly from each other in powers, manners and titles though, with little overall authority or hierarchy. The temples provide potions, scrolls or other little things, often as rewards to those who serve Tymora and her tenets well. Tymora's temperament is fickle but playful and never vengeful or malicious. Tymora is known to and can appear as a regal, noble woman or a crafty young girl. She often takes the form of a golden bird. She also sends servant creatures to aid mortals in these shapes, as well as those of horses, faerie dragons, or one even masquerading as a fortune-telling gypsy. Tymora’s faith is one of the most common, in particular since it caters most heavily to a highly mobile, relatively wealthy, and intrinsically powerful group who live by their wits and by their luck: adventurers. She teaches that one should be bold, for to dare is to live. Those who risk all ... win all! The battle cry of the followers of Tymora is "Fortune favors the bold." A brave heart and willingness to take risks beat out a carefully wrought plan nine times out of ten. Thus, while not foolish, Tymora's followers will often throw caution to the wind believing that One must place oneself in the hands of fate (meaning in the hands of Tymora) and trust to one's own luck.
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