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The Beast

Name: The Beast
Domain: Emotion
Symbols: the beast rune for "Beast"
Avatars: Alexander Cecil, Rel Zhirah, Matthew of Banecroft, Higer Athame
Plot marshals: Matthew Brenner, Steven Matulewicz
Area of Influence: General Realms
The Beast is a god of primal emotion, the deepest of feelings which cannot be restrained by deliberate thought. Though the Beast is often viewed as a god of sacrifice, hunger, and raw power, these are just small - but obvious - facets of a more complex belief structure. Worshipers of the Beast value all deeply felt emotions, and thoughts of love, joy, and hope run just a powerfully as those of anger, desire, and fear.

The Beast has few direct worshipers among the heroes of the Realms, but those who do worship do so with passion befitting the Beast's nature. The Beast's avatars walk among the heroes of the Realms - their free will only lost when the Beast demands it or in moments of extreme emotion. Whether these avatars will by necessity lose their free will completely at some time in the future is a matter of theological debate.

Ten is considered a holy number, as prophecies have read that, "Ten are the claws of the Beast." The number ten is often worked into Bestial rituals in both obvious and subtle forms. The Beast Rune set considers all numbers of ten or greater as equal value, which it defines as being a "pack".
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