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Name: Arioch, God of Chaos
Domain: Chaos
Symbols: the chaos wheel
Avatars: unknown
Plot marshals: Kevin Bettie, Maryanne Bettie
Area of Influence: the Borderlands
Arioch is referred to as the god of Chaos. He is personified as a man, though his power can manifest a shape of many forms (or one) by force. His usual form is that of a human male, sporting a jacket made of black leather and a bright red bandanna. His worship started as basic anarchy by the wild and reveling group known as the Borderlands, but as time and the ethos evolved, he grew into his more modern role of Disturbing the Peace and Aggravating the Heroes. While there are quite a few adventurers who claim to fight or worship Arioch on a regular basis, actual practice of Arioch worship is uncommon and usually spurred on by Arioch himself demanding attention at any given time. The growth of the church came to a stand-still shortly after the Meeting of the Gods to discuss their roles against the Erl King. Arioch himself likes to engage in battles of words and wits, and inflict the unwary with a small bit of his power and laugh at the strife it causes. He especially loves possessing those who do not wear a Protect the Soul and get them into sticky situations, and to insert objects within adventurers for fun. Though once a tavern-sung name among adventuring folk, the religion has seen a downswing over the last decade.
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