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Entry # 402

Author: Densikm
Place/Gathering Discovered: The Story-Tellers III
Date: 3/19/1007
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen
ENTRY #402

This may be my last entry for a while...
I've sent Ahlahn to warn my colleagues of this...soulless beast, who takes on the guises of friendly folk, but only to further his own end.

We found what I have sought, only to uncover an evil... a darkness without a name, but just a number tattooed on his (it's?) forehead. I believe it seeks me for after drawing what it wished, it destroyed the fountain. Perhaps that horrible Emperor BrightHammer Half-Dwarven (the one from the Dame Brynn's land) sent it from his Realms to my own to kill me.

I must draw it away before it turns its eye (his eyes?) to the village a mile or so from here. I shudder to think what damage it can cause if left unchecked(especially with what little of the fountain it has), but I have no magics left to jump elsewhere.

Antioch, if this is Your will, so be it. Perhaps next time I might have a life as good as Medkins.

- Densikm
Tags: Unconfirmed, Personal Account, Non-Player Character, Monster Type
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