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Entry #253

Author: Densikm
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown
Date: September 7th, 1006 M.R.
Transcribed by: Iawen Penn
Tonight I make my second trip to the place I have dubbed "Arrow Pass". According to their map that Dame Brynn gave me (and compared to one from our Realms), it used to be the river pass used by the Ashway Ferry, but it is all dried up.

Before I leave, I have a few notes for you, Ahlahn:
  • Feed Medkins this time.
  • Their time flows like ours. Henceforth I'll be gone a week. Please keep this small room tidy.
  • Burn incense to Antioch on Tuesday at dusk.
  • If any of the villagers come inquiring for more than herbal remedies, you have my permission to use magic SPARINGLY. I don't want them to see its blatant use, so see if you can't finagle some mockery of bandages or "shamantic rituals".

    If I don't return, you know what to do.
    - Densikm
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