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Set of Scrolls

This is a copy of a set of scrolls that I won at the Black Ticket auction during the Black and White 1010.

Page 1:

The inderno were beasts as strange as any the Ara-Fraa or the Fraa-grego had ever seen. Their strong skin shrugged off even the mightiest of attacks, but they had a week point as well, de Illipa je nag. They were written to be the timeless guardians of the caverns, and although they were mearly animals, They did their job well, and commanded by their gruesome queen, their attacks were merciless and unyielding. As the fraa made their way through the hive, the inderno provided a constant resistance, but the strength and leadership of the Ara-Illius and the Ara-Grei, allowed the fraa to press onward to their destination.

Page 2:

As rock is ageless, so was the kindhearted Melkhia, de Illipa je nag. The ara-fraa would find this patient soul waiting for his own Morose de Aerea to unfold. His strength and years of wisdom would aid the fraa-grego to a great degree, but the Fraa would find it hard to trust one who je illius horom, even though they did not know that was the case. He would prove himself to them, however, and even though distrust would create walls between them, the Ara would soon find out, Melkhia was one for whom a wall, even one of stone, would not present a problem.

Nothing was marked as Page 3 --Valerie

Page 4:

What is a creation but the will of its creator? Ages ago, two mighty artificers argued over who was greater. As time went on, hatred grew, and war ensued as each creator made creations to destroy the other, de Illipa je nag. To maintain and build these abominations of steel, the artificers employed an army of knomes. The years passed and the artificers passed on, leaving their creations to fight a war that would have no end, as descendants of the descendants of the knomes, je illius horom, continued their vigil of building and fixing the machines.

Page 5:

A land wracked with war, the wasteland that stood before the Fraa-grego was one that had been destroyed countless times over, de Illipa je nag. A mighty bridge, once an even mightier dam, stood silently, eager to be rebuilt to what it once was, and hold back the raging waters that now ran tauntingly through it. The Ara-Belo and the Ara-Colli could find the strength to do this, if they could only find the purpose.

Page 6:

Duty is in the eye of the beholder, de Illipa je nag. The Ara would see one he would presume to be an enemy, but this would not be the case. A stalwart guardian of the way forward, the monster they would meet would tell them a story of his woe and their own. An alter stood before them, craving not blood, but instead a key that heald the color of blood. The key, stolen, would need to be recovered before the way forward would open.

Page 7:

The way forward sometimes requires a step backwards. Even as the Ara-Fraa unlocked the alter, the way before them did not open. They would soon learn that other alters cried out for other keys, the deep and tranquil hue of the forest, and the blazing light of the sun above would open the path ahead. These keys would be as hard-won as the first, but, de Illipa je nag, the determination and strength of the Ara-Illius would win in the end.

Page 8:

Nekiau tu Monroa layd before the Fraa-grego. The Fella ti Gremm Illius, coming face to face with yon Ara pol Morose, as with any tale, and more so in Illiada grous maba, the heroes would meet their villain, and conquer him. No mortal blade would finish this job, though. Plowshares to sword, keys would become weapons, and their profound power, added to the unyielding courage of the wielder, would provide the strength to conquer their foe. First the Ara-Pile would strike him down, wielding a blade that bore the color that saw her family’s trade for generations. The Ara-Detr, thinking of his sister-in-all-but-blood, would grasp a blade bearing her color and deliver the second fatal blow. The Ara-Grei, holding a weapon that boasted of her exploits at sea, would strike the Nekiau to Monroa down for a third time. Finally, with no more than a look of determination on his face, the Ara-Illius would take hold of a weapon that bore the color of his icy homeland, and with a mighty blow would deliver the final strike to Fella ti Gremm Illius.

The rest of the pages aren’t numbered, so I have put them in the best order I can --Valerie


As the defeated form of Fella ti Gremm IIllius lay before the Ara-Fraa, the desk that he was writing at caught their attention. Slowly looking over an unfinished page of parchment, the Fraa-grego began to understand their own yon Ara pol Morose. It was then that the caverns around them began to rumble with uneasiness. Rocks tumbling from above gave the cue that a retreat from the place was in order and the way out was,

The page ends after the “was”, looking like someone stopped writing mid sentence –Valerie


In their attempt to escape the dungeon of Bellou, the Fraa-grego left behind the Toor-Moutia, thinking him lost. The Ara-Grei told stories of his brave death in battle.

The Fraa, however were soon to be destroyed by the Toor-Moutia himself, as the Indemo took him in and made him one of their own.

Only the Liminu Desama, strong in her connection to her goddess, could find the power to save him. Using the strongest blessing from her goddess, she was able to call his life back from darkness.


The ara-fraa were running low on life. Though they fought well, the denizens of Morose gave them hard battles. They needed their magics restored, and therefore, Je illius horom, they would meet 4 demons.

De Illipa je nag, the mighty Toor Moutia would give them a second chance to gain their destiny by sacrificing his soul. But the wisest among them knew that they would see Him again, someday.

But for now, they would embark on a quest to regain all their magics. They would face a demon of each element. Their scalps would need to be used in a ritual where each of them, who needed their spells back, would pray to their Gods over a pool of pure elements.


A pool of pure elements, A rock circle formed from the strength of the earth. A pool of purity as water flowing to fill it would add another element to the fray. Fire from the hands of a spellcaster as glowing light to add another part to the circle, and finally the prayers and chants to the Gods above for the Final piece. In that alter of elements would their spells be returned.


A picture of a bridge and what looks like battle plans drawn on it.--Valerie


Ara-Pile – The taught ~ Brown
Ara-Detr – The warrior ~Maroon
Ara-Grei – The Beloved ~Blue
Ara-Illius – The One ~Sky Blue
Toor Moutia – Protector of the tower This one was crossed out --Valerie
Leepora – Tigress Fighter – Cloie
Liminu Desama – Walks with Holy Light
Ara-Wey – The Scholor ?
Ara-Bello – The Lightning – Thomas
Ara-Colii – The Soul Brother
Ara –

Again suddenly the writing stops --Valerie
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