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Just a Myth... Lady Iawen

Will need assistance in figuring out where to place all this collective info. - Sir Iawen Penn

Lady Iawen Penn was the child of a noble family (tall and human). They taught her that it is the responsibility of those with power to care for those without. In order to ensure that she had a grounded perspective she spent much of her life living within modest means and even be schooled with commoners. She especially seemed to enjoy music. It seemed a way to uplift spirits and lead people at the same time. In time, she came into her title and tried to live up to the expectations of her parents. (It was not known to me who her parents were.)

The people of the kingdom have appreciated her service to the land. She became one of three nobles on the King's High Council. The king was like-minded on most issues and she saw his reign as one of prosperity for most of the kingdom. It was a tragedy for him to die, but she faced the fact that one of the three on the council may be chosen as his heir, since no will was found. There was a catch (for her). As modern as the king may have been he didn't change a host of old laws that did not apply to him. Specifically, there is a law that states a woman may only ascend to the role of Queen if she has a husband. The man would only hold the title of prince. It's not that she had a secret desire to become Queen, but without Iawen in the picture the other nobles will be less inclined to address politics of the poor and disenfranchised. She thought she might have to find a man just to keep in the running.

This about when I 'came in'... wasn't awoken yet. Lady Iawen sang a Song of Change to attempt to find the best man for the job, one who had a true heart and would look after the people in the ways she did. The knight, Sir Eremon, however didn't work out, and the noble Lord Ren (and Lord Airavarri) attempted to come across some sort of deal where Iawen and Ren would be engaged/married (after the Cardinal pointed out that she only needed to declare that she was getting married in order to remain 'in the running'). The other time she attempted to use a Song of Change was to get the 'gate' to go away. That backfired badly, which caused me to awaken up and go 'holy shit'.

Lady Iawen was a Bard and a Healer, gifted from Valinaar in that world. By the time I (and many others) left, Lord Ren had been revealed as a traitor and was either killed by Gideon or fled, and Lord Airavarri and Lady Iawen asked King Quinn (getting weirded out yet?) not only to marry them, but to elevate Rune to noble status to replace Ren. King Quinn renamed the city Pius City (after his father). Lord Airavarri, King Quinn, Lady Iawen, another, and I believe Shane all have 'anchors' that allow them to contact their counterparts here in the Realms. So, she can contact me, and I her.

It would be realllllly excellent if I could have those were there either tell their tales as well and we can figure out where to move this in the library, or for someone to write down the way that 'world' worked.

... before Overclan in January 1011.
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