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Magical Properties of Stones

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown, given to Lady Hope of Paradise
Date: 1000 or 1001
Transcribed by: Sir Aberes

Magical Properties of Stones

Precious gems, crystals, certain metals, etc have been used as amulets or Talisman since nearly the beginning of Time. The magical properties can be divided into two catergories: ACTIVE or the MALE. Equally important is the other half, the PASSIVE or the FEMALE. Neither is considered more powerful than the other, since we need both to maintain balance and harmony.

ACTIVE: Colors associated with ACTIVE are red, orange, yellow, yellow-green and gold. They correspond to fire, heat, warmth, Sun. To make use of these stones: Carry them with you, on your person, if possible, preferably when the moon is waxing. You can make a necklace, bracelet, pendant, watch chain, etc. and attach the stone to it. You can also carry it in your pocket. Nature totems which include stones are said to lose their effectiveness if you do not handle them. Use them, handle them, warm them with your breath. When the time comes that the stone no longer works, pass it along to someone else or return it to the earth.

Red stones are associated with the blood stream and the heart. It heals wounds, stops the bleeding. Also associated with Love and Compassion, and enhancing the Imagination. People suffering from a lack of energy ought to wear a red stone as an amulet. You can use Red Stones in defensive magick by sending negativity that was directed at you back to the original sender. Red stones increases the mental process and forms a barrier against dangerous desires and whims: some mages while protecting their souls have girded their minds as well with a coronet with a red stone. Also a great all-around good luck stone. Pink stones fall under the Red catergory, associated with New Love and Beauty. Pink stones are powerful love-drawing amulets; use with care and discretion. Pink can also give the body extra strength when needed, can increase beauty (skin-deep) and is highly associated with the SOUTH.

Yellow stones are associated with the Mind, Speaking, or Healing (in large quantities). It grants increased speed in Learning, raises Self-Esteem, and enhances one's own Healing Energy more quickly. Light-heartedness, cheerfulness, hope. Warming, energizing, attracts abundance. It also heightens visualization and communication abilities, making it a good stone for writing, travel, or public speaking. Back in history, Yellow was used to calm the nerves, or to stir a person to peaceful actions. It is highly associated with the EAST.

Orange stones, being the combination of red & yellow, symbolizes Drive and Cleverness as well as Shrewdness is business, politics, or personal dealings. It aids in the ability to see through plots or intrigue. The color Peach falls under the shade of Orange. Peachy-colored Stones are quite useful in spells to increase personal power, and another all-around good luck stone. It attracts success, and is highly prized by those who wish to protect themselves. This is associated with the SOUTHEAST.

Gold has been associated with the Sun (and sometimes Aurora) and is known for its' curative powers. It is said to aid the enhancement of brain functions; nothing gets past those who wear Gold. It strengthens the Will, giving the person a more positive outlook on Life, and causes them to work with other harmoniously, but not to the point of naivety ("Of course, friend goblin, I'll take off my coif."). Some of the stones that fall under this catergory are the TIGERSEYE (great for traveling, whether physical or astral), CATSEYE (especially good if you wish good people to find you quickly), or PYRITES (Fool's Gold) (to have an opponent follow that signature stone instead of your own steps). Sun stones are beautiful but flashy, and heavily protects from all types of danger. Used in divination, it increases the energy within the Seer (see beginning statements), but used too much can cause the Seer to go blind ("Blinded by the light.") Tigerseye, besides traveling, strengthens convictions, courage, and creates confidence. Due to the metal's softness and pliabiltiy, it's used for crafting intricate amulets and jewelry. Stones of this color can embue the wearer with the power of the Sun, so be careful. Stones that show the "EYE" grants the wearer "second sight". It is associated with the SUN or AURORA.

Copper influences the flow of blood and water. Supplying strong energy to the body and the mind, it detoxifies a body in a second, negates exhaustion, thirst and hunger. However, the removal of copper after a long and weary campaign or travel can affect wearers in different ways. Use with extreme caution if using it during battle.
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