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Idor Notes

(recovered from a burnt out camp in the woods pre - 1018 M.R.)

Important Idor information, must share to save those people

Quest 1 - Uruz
This first quest you must face alone. The rune you seek is Ooo-roooz. This rune indicates great potential or beneficial power, but also danger from letting forces get out of control. Potential power and glory, but also harm if the wielder is weak or lets [their] emotions cloud [their] judgement.

Apply Rune!!!

Say the following incantation: "Danger and force, I do face, and win!", and then proceed immediately into the circle.

Quest 2 - Gebo
This second quest is one on which you may bring your friends if you so choose. In this quest you are seeking Yee-bo, but you will find more than a simple rune here. Yee-bo symbolizes balance and sacrifice. Every decision which is of value encompasses a sacrifice. A true hero realizes [they] cannot always be the one to bear the burden.

Apply Rune!!!

Repeat after me: "As I demand, so I provide."

Quest 3 - Isa
Ee-saw is the symbol of authority, and of power; of command and of circumcision. In this context, it carries some connotations of struggle and strife. It is taking challenges head on and meeting them, and overcoming them. It is in many ways the symbol of the conqueror.

The task that lies in front of you is to secure the freedom of the spirit of a mighty warrior who has been taken by fell means. The burden of leading this effort falls upon you.

Apply Rune!!!

Repeat after me:"With decisive action, I do lead."

Quest 4 - Wunjo
Vune-yo represents glory and spiritual reward, but also the danger of going too far. Usually translated as joy, a better meaning is glory because it suggests pleasure in possession. Glory is an intangible thing, yet it can be gained or lost. While it is possessed it is displayed as a badge of honor. Glory encompasses joy, in that no glory is possible without joy.

In relation to its paired complement Yee-bo, Vune-jo is what results from gift giving. It is the natural reward for sacrifice. Sacrifice to the gods is repaid with success in battle and honor in life. Generosity brings all manner of rewards both tangible and spiritual.

Repeat after me: "The glories are many for those who follow the path unto its end."

Apply Rune!!!
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