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Gaiden Shadowfyr's Prophecy

In June of 1010 M.R., Sir Gaiden Shadowfyr of Folkestone was returned with the setting of the sun. He sprung out of the darkness and landed into a pool of water, looking at the rising moon in the distance. He met the five phases (faces) of Luna there, and the women tested him and gave him words to speak, words to give to the Realms.

It is unknown if the Realms took it to heart or not, but I was able to finally glean those words from Luna due to my lineage. Perhaps someone can interpret this? - Sir Iawen Penn

Preparing the Way for the next leader, he will speak on that Day of the Dead. With his blessing, the rowan leaf will show a new bud, a new branch, a new message that Chimeron can embrace tightly. Hang on to the leaves, support the branches, and gather under the canopy, so that this might better protect them, better prune, better teach, and better learn the ways of His Ways, of Her Ways, and make it THEIR WAYS. For the sign has already been given, the Messenger is already here. This WILL happen!

She moves the heavens and hells and brings to bear all favors that are granted her. For the tithe to Hell is great, and no devil accepts the position that she has taken, for they know that in that position lies madness of the fullness of gods. The Messenger is not coming, for she is already here among us since this past eve! Woe to them who might attempt trickery and trechery of the Deal, and woe to Fire and Earth, for it cannot move unless She is removed. Fire and Earth, the power is waning, and they will seek out darker magics unless a light can be shown to them. Fire and Earth, already it feels the pull of the darkness, of the shadows, abandoning the balance it once held sway over. She gloats over the victory stolen without lifting a finger.

I say unto you, that which is read is almost readable, do not stop, do not give up. You have asked about the Emerald Path, and we shall tell you, we shall tell you. Look for Her sign, look for Her Messenger, whose mantle I am unfit to carry, whose sandals I am unworthy to remove. Her pathway is soon open, and you shall tread it. And you shall tread upon the pathway of her footsteps, as she has done in the past, to find another's footsteps in the past. You will do this, and there will be a sign, a messenger to show you the way as it was shown to her! Watch for it!

Harken to my words, my friends and foes: The Infinite Dark does not rest because you rest. It thrives, it moves ever onward, in all directions that even children cannot imagine. The Infinite Dark does not care about 'victory and defeat', for it does not care about anything at all. It destroys, it is madness, an all-consuming blackness that even the Dark One cringes at. For there cannot be a final battle if there is no one and nothing around to fight, not even the gods! Heed the words I say: a Messenger is coming after me, one who knows your enemy, one who understands your plight. I beg with you, HEAR the words spoken, and remain viligiant! For if you do not heed me, you will not heed the Messenger, and all of this will be for naught. I shall cry for your souls, and then for our own.

Take heart, be not afraid, for there are other ways you have not considered, other ways you have not thought of. Although hags and hungry goblins might into rag would rend ye, the sprites that stand by the naked man and the Book of Moons, defend ye! She who is the Moon in all her glory, at all times, has given me these messages, one for each phase, and like the turning of a page to read further in, I say to you sail to the starry skies that we might read further up! A Messenger is coming, with the moon in their heart and the stars in their eyes; a messenger is coming to guide you in the book, to read with you the book, to sail with you on this book!

Listen to the words of Luna, the Moon Goddess! It matters not if you do not worship her, if you do not respect her, do not care about her, but her WORDS, HER WORDS, she sends to everyone and every living creature that has an ear to hear. Everyone is responsible for this message, whether you choose to act on the forefront, or you choose to fight on the Western Flank, everyone is needed. Call out to your gods, make your case to them, on the dire need that we have for them to turn an eye to the Infinite Dark and all that it touches in one way or another. I am only one goddess, and there is my sister of the sun, and there is the vengeful defender, but we are only three, and the followers are few and fighting against each other. Help us, Realms. Heed the words of Luna, the Moon Goddess.

Go forth and do what you choose to do.
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