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Conversation twixt 2 people

Author: Unknown, Two People?
Place/Gathering Discovered: Isle of Doctor Slashblight
Date: Unknown
Transcribed by: Dame Jeyde IceBreaker Thunderwalker

I want to go home...
Where is home?
...but the food here is good.
Where is home, though? Can you tell me?
Yes. Home is where Chimeron is, with King Oakfellow.
Excuse me, did you say KING?
Yes... King Bright Oakfellow, High Priest of Life, Champion of Mages everywhere? ...Makela says the year is 1004, though. I'm lost. I'm really, really lost.
Don't worry. We'll get you home safe. Do you know anything about Slashblight? He's turning people into animals and other... things.
Like faeries?
The fae have no reason to play a trick on me; we've had peace for a long time.
There are faeries where you come from?
Sure, there are fae everywhere. We keep peace with them. Bright gave the orders, so that's what we do... why are you laughing?
Sorry... just the thought of Bright being king of anything is rather humorous. But do go on.

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