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Batch of Tests

Author: Unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: The Story-Tellers X (unknown?)
Date: Unknown
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
A bunch of papers were granted to me by Viro after a lengthy fight and quest out with his fellows. Some were able to be correctly sorted and filed in the Library, but some pieces, like this, I am unsure where to place them. Suggestions welcome. - Sir Iawen Penn

Test #3
Third time is the charm, or so they say.
Tests 1 and 2 failed to provide sufficient energy to power the arcane crystals.
It appears the weaker magics really can't compare to our old methods.
We will have to continue. I know we will find an answer soon.
My assistant joked that we would find a solution or die trying.
I sure hope it doesn't take that long.

(On the back was a 3 layered target, with four Xs at the compass points for the outer circle, four Xs at the other four points in the mid-way circle, and two Xs (West, East) in the center, with arrows pointing inward to a blacked out house. The whole sketch has a large arrow pointing to it and says NOT WORKING!)
Test # 515

The living have proven to be quite useful as a power source.
Sacrifice enough boars, cattle, and sheep, and we can power a simple golem
up to a month.
The problem, though, is now we lack food.
There has to be another way.
We are so close.
Test # 537

Animal souls were far too weak. Their small souls and lack of
potential resulted in weak, small crystals.
My new product should last several months!
I truly must thank my assistant. This wouldn't have been possible
without him. I fear some of the local traveling merchants
may soon go missing. I'm left wondering...
Is it people's potential for magic, the power of their souls,
or the blue alchemical components of their body that make
such powerful crystals?

The others, they didn't approve of my work!
Jealous FOOLS! Even NOW they seek me!
But NO, they will not find me...haha, joke's on them!
I'll join the countless others who now power
our servants. I'll join them, and become a crystal
as well! They'll never find me that way!


i'm going to die... ... ...
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