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Ah'Grah'Blahn Note

A scrap of paper I have here in my notes. Since I'm running out of room here on my desk in Wendmor, I'll place it here for safe keeping. - Iawen Penn

Ah'Grah'Blahn Planar effects:
Abjury uses are doubled, but Banish cannot remove anyone from the plane itself.
Necromancy spells are normal.
All other spells with a limited number of castings are halved in uses (round down to two to a minimum of one), and seventh circle spells do not function here.

Seven years in Ah'Grah'Blahn is one year in the Realms. Beings age here at a rate of one year per seven, generally, so (coincidentally?) Realms natives trapped here age at the Realms rate rather than coming back older.
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