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Terri's Treasures

Author: Sister Terri Lasthour
Place/Gathering Discovered: Nero's Old Library
Date: Sometime in 1007 M.R.
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn

amazonite - dispels worries & anger, calms mind, manifests energy of love
amber - aids depression (not for those just 'feeling down'), mental clarity, calming, balancing, dissolves energy blocks
amethyst - aids addictions, calms impatience, clears aura, very spiritual, powerful stone
ametrine - blending of opposites (in the weirdest ways), old and new, helps adjust to change
angelite - symbol of love and peace, communication with all (so good for a Speak spell) including angels, dispels anger
aventurine - gives luck, amplifies self-esteem, perception, and decisiveness, dissolves blocks (different than energy blocks)
bloodstone - confidence, courage, strength, very grounding and centering, good attitudes
blue lace agate - makes one feel dreamy (not to be confused with actual Dreaming), calm, helps reach high spiritual places A favorite of mine.
calcite, blue - amplifies energy, balances emotions, removes emotional blocks
carnelian - increases physical energy, creativity, compassion, self confidence
chrysocolla - increases tolerance and capacity to love, rebuilds relationships, good for stress
chrysoprase - helps one to be loving, compassionate, forgiving and acceptance(good for moving on), attracts abundance
citrine - helps self-esteem (more cheerful), problem solving, good for abundance including wealth
crazy lace agate - inter-generational stone, helps children understand parents, and vise-verse.
dendritic agate - one of the most powerful healing stones, and good for stress and abundance
flourite - increases concentration and mental achievement, brings order to chaos
garnet - promotes creativity, productivity, prosperity, awareness, and manifestation
hematite - calming and grounding, enhances mental attuning, protection from others' emotions (especially good in Seance')
howlite - dispels selfishness, rudeness, and negative behavior
jade - provides wisdom, self-confidence, tranquility, peace and acceptance (another good stone for moving on), protection from the animate (those without breath)
kyanite - connects one to a higher plane, calms the mind, excellent for meditating
labradorite - help psychic abilities, protects one's soul/spirit/aura, gives strength, clarifies 'inner sight', a good Seer stone.
lapis lazuli - aids depression, enhances serenity, and connects the physical and spiritual planes. Be careful with this if you're a human. I believe other beings would be fine.
leopard skin jasper - very grounding and healing for heavy emotional issues
malachite - helps release negativity, stimulates intuition, instinctive loyalty, responsibility, protection
marble - very focused, common sense, self-control, helps to manifest any past lives, protection stone
moonstone - visionary, enhances perception, intuition, gives guidance, protects travelers
obsidian - shows one's flaws, very grounding and healing, shields you from negativity
petrified wood - strength, grounding, support, eases worry over small things
quartz crystal - harmonizes human energies with universal energies, will magnify properties of other stones it is placed with, most powerful of all the gemstones
red jasper - nurturing, protective, grounded to Gaia, eliminates negativity, calms emotion
rhodochrosite - good for memory, helps to be balanced, relaxed, accepting
rhodonite - patience, dignity, love, brotherhood, dispels anxiety
rose quartz - stone of love, good for all relationships, brings clarity to emotions, self love
rhyolite - represents change and variety, creativity, and self-realization
rutilated quartz - repels negative energy, stabilizes relationships, good for manifesting
smoky quartz - transforms negative emotions, very balancing, good for depression
sodalite - brings logic, efficiency, self esteem, creativity, and decisiveness
sugilite - brings information from spiritual plane to mental plan, eliminates anger, jealousy, and all negative attributes, relaxing
tiger eye - gives flexibility, patience,, strength, courage, stability, helpful in manifesting past lives, ghosts
turquoise - unconditional love for all beings, a bridge between heaven and earth, wisdom
tourmaline, black - repels negativity, gives protection and energy, stabilizes emotions

Terri's Treasures
Ware Springs
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