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Entry #301

Author: Densikm
Place/Gathering Discovered: Unknown
Date: 12/02/1006
Transcribed by: Sir A
We're settled in for the winter. I couldn't be more pleased with my progress, but my colleagues back at the Blue Shield Academy feel that my results are too dangerous.

The wizard from that tower two moons ago is gone, I know not to where. His tower is in ruins, with many items and books of import also gone. Strangely, the tower looks as though no one has been there for many years, but through the understanding I have in my studies this cannot be.

Ahlahn, I go to visit the one called King Oakfellow. I need you to do a few things this week:
  • Burn incense to Antioch on Tuesday at dusk.
  • Check on that fountain that supposedly is by our Realms' Chimeron discreetly.
  • Feed Medkins.

    If I do not return in a few weeks' time, you know what to do.
    - Densikm
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