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A Hollow World?

This was given to me by another adventurer, who said it came from a quest where the starting area was held by the Knights of the Eternal Flame. When I asked where he went after that, thinking unclaimed lands, his response was a confused "A hollow world?" ...so I'm placing it here, with all mistakes as well. - Sir Iawen Penn, November 20th 1014 M.R.

The fates of the old gods

The god of Battle was the most well equipped to battle the Black Tide but he was also the god of Solitude, and was forced to face Bedlam alone. Without the aid of the other Gods he died a lonely death.

The god of Magic could have bent reality enough to dispel Bedlam from the lands, but as he was also the god of Rules we was bound to not rewrite existence to that extent. His power, otherwise, was not enough.

The goddess of Craftsmanship was tasked to forge a divine bell whose pell would drive back the black tide and render it powerless, but as she was also the goddess of Music she became enraptured by creating the perfect chime and she was too late in it's creation.

The goddess of Foresight was able to see the path to a future where Bedlam was defeated but as she was also the god of goddess of Humor, the other gods believed her directions to be a cruel joke and thus ignored her warnings.

The god of Strength could have driven back bedlam through might alone, but he was also the god of Reciprocity, and had to suffer the power of each blow that he dealt. He could not stand long against his own might.

The god of Fertility could have strengthened the natural spirits of the world enough to stay Bedlam's hand, but he was also the god of sleep and was in a deep, unshakable slumber for too long and awoke when there was not enough left of the world to empower.

The goddess of Command could have forged together the gods and their servants into a united army without flaw, but she was also the goddess of Wealth, and too covetous of her treasures to want to waste them waging war.

The goddess of Luck was almost in the right place at the right time to seal their world before the first drops of bedlam could trickle in, but she was also the goddess of Freedom so could not take an action that could limit the steps of another.
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