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Journal of Unknown Authoring

Author: Unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Southern Wendmor
Date: February 2nd, 1012 M.R.
Transcribed by: Iawen Penn
Another journal with an unknown author. With the names contained, it sounds like 1) an adventurer, and 2) someone that could have been one of us. Also unknown is whether this person is still with us. I am banking on the author being a male, however. Once I can figure out who the author is, I'll adjust the title and move this work accordingly. February 7th, 1012 M.R. - Iawen Penn

...also, someone totally spilled wax all over this thing's pages. Lovely...

January the 8th

Something odd is happening. I don't know what it is. I've been having dreams. From now on I'm going to be keeping a journal. I hope this may be of help to others even if I don't understand. I remember vaguely a dream involving Killian, Saphyre, and myself. We went to a world that wolves roam. This must be their world. Frozen Lake. Chained Wolf. It claims to be Heron's. Poor Heron. There was nothing we could do. I wish I could remember more. I can't god damnit! The other dream was a castle being overrun by shadow beasts. The soul blade with its crystal shining like a beacon. Finally there was a basin or bowl. I don't know. Why can't I remember?!!

January the 10th

It's happening again. I don't remember much. Just vague pictures and flashes of emotion. There was an old ugly woman with a three-legged dog. I remember an overwhelming sense of loss. Lastly there was someone, I don't know who, someone I trust I think, dropping a rock into a lake. I wish I could remember more

January the 11th

Second night in a row?!! Well here goes, I still don't remember much but this is it.

The Baron was telling[killing?] us, them? Something. It's muddled, I don't remember. It all so odd
There was a wolf. What was his name? Blackmoon!! That's it. He was black and had a white cresent over his eye
Finally came the soul blade. Point down. crystal shining like a beacon.

I need to talk to rhohe and loerner about this. Maybe I can get to sleep again.

January the 12th

Weird! I can barely begin to describe it.

Shapes made of paper making pattern crosses? I don't know.
This is odd. I was trying to get to sleep in my dream. Some sort of
eerie green light
That stone basin again. It was more detailed this time. It's engraved with
forest creatures. dryads and stuff
It's placed in a menacing forest. I
didn't feel safe. It sucked

Baron's been having dreams too. I have
to talk to him.

January the 15th

Good luck! What the hell? I was wishing someone luck in something they were doing. If they fail, we fail! We may fail anyways. What will this do to them? Are we destined to fail?

The shadow beasts again. This is rather
We were trying to build something as
darkness falls. It was frantic. We
have to get it done

These dreams... They must be important
what is going on? Why me?

January the 17th
Patterns again. Squares in squares.
Are they crosses? Almost appear to
be directions
Wow this is reminding me of a
bad game of poker. Its a house
of cards. we have to go in
Ack! Smoking corpses. I should know
these people. Who are they? I hope
it isnt something I did ....

I need a good week of sleep.
I think I will go out and explore
the neighboring forest. Maybe take a trip
up to Misty Glen and visit Rhohe.
She'll know what to do.

January the 19th

What the hell is this? It seems a bunch of my dreams crushed together.
Nothing new.

we were trying to frantically build something
as darkness falls
Blackmoon is howling
The rock is dropped by someone
The Basin in the forest again
Finally the ugly woman with the
three legged dog

There was something else. I can't
remember. These dreams follow me.
Wherever I go. I can't run.

January the 21st

I left Rhohe's yesterday and am headed home. She really couldn't help me much. She seemed very distracted. Odd woman. Well, today's dreams brought a whole bunch of questions

I remember Eldrich or was it Taredehel standing in a doorway. Just out of their reach were snarling shadows.
That good luck dream. We're going to some dangerous land. I hope they succeed. If they don't, we die.
If they succeed, we may still fail
There was also some white robed woman. No! It was humaniod. Maybe not a woman with a stone face that we faced off against.
We can't affect it with steel. What then? Why are we fighting it? Shit!! Dropped my candle

January the 23rd?

I've lost track of what day it is. Next time I'm back in the tower I'll have to find out.

"Before a soft place departs. A temporary "sanctuary" in a temporary land." This is the frantic building dream again

The castle and the shadow beasts again! I can't do anything now! It's up to my guardian? I have a guardian? and the others. Who are the others?

The shifting shapes again. Squares in squares and crosses: what are these? directions? A map? NO!! It's a blueprint to a building! I'll have to pay more attention next time.

[Unknown Date]

Oh, this is bad. I don't know
what the hell is going on. Get out
This was bad. All I remember
is extreme carnage and death
and destruction. Babies on alters
If this is going to happen. It has
to be stopped. I swear I will stop
it or die trying. There was a a child
playing chess. The nameless one? I remember
"I'll kill kill kill kill you all for this."
she's pissed
I also remember the ritual master. It's part
of the good luck dream.

I have to find her!
We need her name to destroy the sword.

It's going to be a while before I
can sleep again. I can barely keep
my hands steady.

March 3

People awake fighting nightmare?
The sleeping people will wake up in a dream?

Squares within squares again ... crosses.
This is some sort of direction?
That's weird, I seem to remembe somethg about
Tetch's prayer circle. This has somethg
to do with an anchor

Ever try to go to sleep in a dream?
Well, we were trying. We're in the central
chamber. Some sort of eerie green light

Taurdehel or Eldrich is there. I don't
know who

hmm. ishe getting these dreams too?

(a drawing of a square within a square, and then next to it a cross)


Where the hell is it? We need to
find the ritual master now!

The granite basin again all that
earthy crap again. In a field in
a menacing forest

The ugly woman with Tripod the dog

Some sort of white furry thing. Torrill?
or pray chaser

Who is Prey Chaser?

March 12

The dream about trying to build something
again. This time I remember the voices
better. I trust them.
"You will need to build a defense before
the soft place leaves. A temporary shelter
in a temporary land.

Those shapes again. A central room
with four only. The prayer circle again?
hmm, an anchor to safety I think

Sound like for every person fighting
the nightmare we'd[will] need someone in
dreaming. actually the other way around

/-- Try to sleep here (a drawing of a square with four openings, the arrow is pointing towards the center mostly)


Shane is screaming something. But it doesn't quite sound night right.

We failed? I don't know what but it seems bad.

One in a dream - the other in the real world. They have to protect each other.

More directions. something like this

(A drawing of a square with four openings, then around it a cloud shape, then a larger square with four openings surrounding it all.)

We have to build our defense as soon as the soft place comes

March 23

Throne of living wood. P humaniod with antlers looking at Heron? There are dreamwolves all around

Blackmoon is howling on a cliff with clouds behind her

Taurdehel or Eldrich again

Another comment [comet] about dreamers protecting waking and wakes protecting dreamers

March 29

eerie green light and slicing[filching] gem[s]. I guess I am fallig asleep. I'm losng the feeling all over my body

Shadow Beasts attacking a castle again
Its up to the others and my "guardian"?
  • what is this guardian

    we were walking through a mist
    word[weird] tales of suffering + joy. someone
    is trying to distract me

    Something about her true name and
    destroying the sword

    April [unknown symbol]

    A voice in the Darkness. I can't remember.

    An allusion to where we have to go - kingstone site on Friday the 13th before the North/South War.

    A voice says the thing about people guarding each other.

    Ituse chess set. we are on the
    board now.

    April 12

    Event time and place

    The guardian thing again

    The blue print again
    They are on the cardinal directions

    We need the name to destroy the sword

    we need to plan. what are we doing
    where are we going, what are our jobs

    April 20

    A chant? We are chanting that thing about. Someone sorry[gory, going], someone staying
    Both gards each other and gaurd the fissure[statue, estate]. We bind ourselves to our
    partners, guardians
    Now it makes more sense?

    The old man yelling at us again
    who is her
    he wants to know our resources. what.
    are the resources of the enemy
    Forewarned is forearmed. together we
    stand divided we fyll[fall]

    Blackmoon and her companion
    is it fury or blakstar. they are
    coming to our world.

    April 29
    The chess set again.

    Shapes on a piece of paper. The blueprint again.

    (A drawing like before, but much more complicated with the 'open' squares within squares. A compass pointed north, also showing west, east, and south.) Easily Defended Corridors

    Now the hard part begins
    He has an old companion Terrath Orcslayer
    Something is predicted

    Voice in the Darkness
    vague and urgent. we learned a great deal
    from foresight. something about an
    apocalyps 12 we make [may, made] too much of
    a paradox. we "need" to create a ripple
    someone drops a rock in a lake

    MAY 9

    The blueprint and unblocked passages again.

    We are trying to sleep in that eerie
    green light. we slowly fall asleep as
    the Gruha is telling us to relax.
    slipping backwards sideways as I
    drift from my body

    "One shall go, and one shall stay....
    one guards the others... the other guards
    the future... One, awake, fights back
    nightmare, one asleep wakens in a dream."

    Binding myself to my partners. Blue ribbon

    May 11

    I'm trying to understand this world of dreams so, tonight I will attempt to enter it again.

    I awoke in that familiar field. It was very quiet. Saw the same two paths, the one leading to the house and the other leading through the light forest. I headed down the light path and got off and headed left. I headed straight and suddenly there was a weird feeling. I was quickly transported to a sea of grass. The sky is grey and the grass is hard to move through. In the distance are hills. I head for them and decide to turn back into a human. I finally make it and there are pillars. A series of almost druidic style stones scattered on the hill. The stones have moss and lichen on them but are very smooth and not deteriorating. In the top of the hill is a flat platform. What the hell? I think I'll stand on it. Something odd happened when I just did that. A sudden gut wrenching feeling over-came me and I was suddenly on top of the pillars. It looked much like Lorhener's pattern matrix.

    (There is a drawing of a rabbit or some small furry creature underneath this entry.)

    MAY 20

    The chanting again and the binding.

    "You have responsibilities."

    The thing about foresight and creating an apocalypse in the dreaming is we that much of a paradox. How much of a paradox is too much

    We/I need to cause the ripple

    Blackmoon + storm clouds

    Don't forget the balance

    That is the last entry in this journal. - Iawen Penn
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