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Artistic Warlord

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Eagle's Rook, on the floor of the Keep
Date: 06/10/2015
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
This is the story of the Grand Warlord. The brightest military mind see in generations, this Warlord started out as a Captain of a border police force for his homeland. Being out in the fringes of the territory, the Captain knew all of the threats that prowled outside of his reach. But the Captain had a knack for utilizing precise application of intelligence which then allowed him to win many victories over far larger forces. What made the Captain a true curiosity is the fact that he used the art of these different cultures as a basis for understanding the psychological and tactical limitations of the opponents. For many years he kept the borders of his homeland free from outside invasion and was hailed as a genius beyond compare.
As a leader he was skilled as well. The Captain preferred to promote creativity in his force, rather than merely punish their failures, as not only did it encourage loyalty, but created a force that could improvise and make their own decision with the aim of bettering the force. The Captain was also willing to admit defeat as he knew when it was time to retreat. But in reality these defeats were few.
One particular nasty group of slavers made it difficult for the Captain to rid the borders of their presence. According to the law of his lands, no attack can be made preemptively ever. In this particular case, the Captain knew this would not do and tricked the Slavers into attacking him in an effort to circumvent the law. Eventually word reached the Ruling Family’s of the homeland and the Captain now became the Exile. The Exile left his home and made his way to other places �u�:)h�
A militaristic nation from a far off land eventually made their way to a section of woods that the Exile now called home. With no weapons to speak of and no magic’s to help him, the Exile disabled the entire force with his wit and tactics. Impressing the commander of the group, and in a bid to conserve the rest of his forces, asked the Exile to come to their lands to meet their ruler. The ruler was smart enough to recognize the military prowess of the Exile and he eventually became a Grand Warlord through merit as a testimony of his brilliance. Impressing the ruler of the nation so much with his genius, the Grand Warlord was given control of an elite stealth taskforce which the Grand Warlord himself had subdued through trickery and wit by order of the ruler of the nation
Time passed and for political reason the Grand Warlord was not in the militaristic nation fell to a rebellion. By the time he got back to the militaristic nation, there were only a handful of bases left and nowhere near the resources the nation had before. Recruiting what was left and with the elite stealth taskforce still under his command, the Grand Warlord conquered the nation back with brutal efficiency �u�C2h�
In a final campaign to root out the rebellion that had taken place, the Grand Warlord died at the hands of his own elite stealth taskforce, who learned of the Grand Warlords trickery and deceit in coercing the elite force into serving the militaristic nation. Left bleeding to death in his command center, the Grand Warlords’ last words were the whisper, “…But it was so artistically done”

(Ignore the weird symbols at the ends of some of the paragraphs, they mean nothing)

At the end of the paper here, it is written: Need help? - Sir Rosetta
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