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OOC: Old Fae Stat Sheets

A piece of OOC work that Sean Anderson (Zeek) wanted to see 'again in print' from the late 90's into 2002. So, here ya go, flip-flop spelling and all. - Janna Flannery :) Jan 9th 2008.

Monster Name: Faerie, Fairy, Fay, etc.

Monster Creator/Concept: Kathy Journeay/Chris Chaney

Monster's Availability: Universal yet Regional, found mostly in Chimeron where there is a gate, but faeries have also been found in the Lands of Summer's Twilight, the Summerlands, and Valehaven.

Monster's Appearance: Faeries ALWAYS wear green. They may vary that with another color. Seelie fairies wear green and white, Unseelie wear green and black. Some faeries throw in a third color, especially if they are a faerie that are associated with a particular plant or flower.

Monster's Weapon Restriction: Unrestricted.

Monster's Armor: Faeries have supernatural armor points that they achieve either through Realms magic system or through the Chimeron Regional magic system. They can also wear armor.

Monster's Immunities/Vulnerabilities: Fairies are "allergic" to faerie stones. Faerie stones are rocks that have had a hole worn into them by the motion of water, but are found on dry land, as if rejected by the waves. A faerie stone hung in the tavern will keep the faeries from coming in and eating the food.
Simple possession of a faerie stone does NOT keep the possessor from being screwed with by fairies, the NPC has to know it is there. Only faerie stones that are in plain sight will be effective. When a fairy sees a fairy stone, it is as if they were just sprayed in the face with mace from twenty feet away. It does not incapacitate them, but it does make the fairies loathe to interact with you too closely. It would effectively keep a faerie from kidnapping them; it would not keep a fairy from killing them in combat. It will universally piss faeries off. Anyone entering the Unseelie court with one prominently displayed will be killed and thrown outside for the trolls to gnaw on(scalped). In this context, it is just plain rude.
Secondly, all fairies are vulnerable to "Wayland weapons", seven swords that were created by a master smith known as Wayland. Each of the swords is made with an unknown substance that the faeries cannot withstand. Faeries that are placed high within the complex social structure of the courts are less and less vulnerable to normal weapons the higher their social prominence. Wayland weapons cut across the social structure, affecting all faeries equally, such that even the King and the Queen of the Fay must fear the power of those blades. For further information on Weapon Immunities for the Fae, see Bottom under "Other".

Monster's Special Abilities: Faeries always followed the spell system. Most of them have Regional magic in as many different spaces as possible in their spell books. For greater information on what spells they will be using, see the Chimeron Regional magic system. The King and the Queen of the Fay court may have more than the standard # of uses of each spell they have.

Monster's Psychology and Motivations: Faeries of BOTH courts are tricksters. They are playful, intelligent, curious and charismatic. They are also alien, devious, capricious and cruel. One should only trust them as far as one can throw them. They are mercurial and change their minds very easily, and as such can easily be distracted from their current task.
  • Faeries are intensely loyal to their Regents and derive part of their identity from the knowledge that they are serving their monarchs in any capacity that they can. Faeries will fight and die for their monarch without thinking twice about it. However, if the faerie is not out and about on official business, the sense of Fay self preservation is very strong.
  • Faeries have traditionally been played by short, petite or tall willowy people, but this is not a hard and fast rule.
  • Faeries are social creatures and would prefer to chat rather than fight, for this reason NPCs cast to play should be STRONG role-players. When cornered, Faeries are vicious fighters.

    Other: The Fay are split into two courts, the Seelie court currently ruled by Titania the Queen of the Fay; and the Unseelie court, currently headed by Oberon, King of the Fay. The two monarchs are consorts, but consorts as a function of their high standing in the fairie structure, not out of genuine love for each other. Underneath each ruler stands a lieutenant, an heir apparent for the role of King and Queen. The Prince of the Fay is Grindelo for the Unseelie court, and Linelle for the Seelie court. Underneath each of them is 5 Dukes for the Unseelie court, and the 5 Duchesses for the Seelie court. The seelie faeries tend to be female, healing orientated in their spells, and generally thought of as wood spirits, flower and plant faeries. The Unseelie fairies tend to be male, mage orientated in spells and generally known as monsters, goblins, or other animal faeries. Faeries' existence revolves around the courts and their social standing within those courts are extremely important to them. The faeries' spell lists are based off of how high within their particular court they stand. So too are their weapon immunities. A fairie ascends to a position higher in the court when a faerie above him/her dies. Everyone underneath the dead faerie gets bumped up a notch. However, there is a rule that a Fae directly underneath another Fay is unable to plot the superior Fay's demise. As such, you will never see Grindelo plotting to overthrow Oberon, even though Grindelo stands to gain quite a bit should Oberon die.
    The higher up the court a Fay is the better that Fay's resistance to regular weapons. A Duke in the Unseelie court, for example, may be immune to everything but one hand, hand and 1/2's, while a lesser monster, such as a ballywog, is vulnerable to all weapons. You can tell just by fighting a fairie how high up in the court structure he/she is.
  • A note here about Fay death: While faeries do officially die, it is not the same death that the rest of the Realms is used to. As fairies are conceptualized embodiments of nature, mimicking its flow and rhythm, when a fairie "dies" he/she becomes a part of the natural cycle, that natural RE-cycle, if you will. Faeries have their memories stripped from them, but their name intact. For example, if Sir Callin were to tkae it into his head to kill Grindelo with a Wayland sword, Grindelo would die and one of his dukes would assume his position as Oberon's lieutenant. Within a turn of the moon, there would be a new faerie at the tail end of the Unseelie court named Grindelo who would look like and have the personality of Grindelo, but he would not remember his previous existence, he would have no spells and any weapon could kill him.
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