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Mysts of Forgetfulness

Often just referred to as “The Mysts”, it causes things to be forgotten. Whether it is a place or a being is uncertain. However, if The Mysts make a person or persons forget something then it is gone forever. Not only does the person forget, but they forget forgetting. If someone tries to tell that person they forget the person won’t hear it. For example, if the Mysts make someone forget the name “Valerie” the person can never remember that name. If someone says “Valerie” to that person they don’t hear “Valerie”. They hear another name that’s as long or sounds like “Valerie”, but you can say “Valerie” to them for all time and they will never hear it and never know they aren’t hearing it.

An important thing to know is that the Black Star Guild can move The Mysts at will and currently control a large enough part of the Mysts to cover all of Chimeron.
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