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A (Old) Fae Court Who's Who

Author: unknown, possibly Zeek McKrye
Date: May 1002

A Fae Court Who's Who

UnSeelie Court:

King Oberon: Being brought back to life has not treated Oberon kindly, he seems to possess a mere shadow of his former deviousness. Played by Chris "Clockwork" Ernenwein
Prince Grindelo: After King Puck's disappearance Prince Grindelo failed to ascend to the position of King. Some of the more unwise Unseelie fae taunted him about that fact. No one has really seen any of them since. Since Oberon assumed the throne, Grindelo has seemed unstable, flying off the handle for no reason. Played by Matt "Adyan" Adwin
Duke Llewelyn: Llewelyn is a bit of an odd duck. He is a bit like a mad professor, always mumbling about magical theory and temporal displacement. He is distant and hard to talk to, but he seems friendly with Grindelo. Played by Matt "MT" Murphy
Duke Trollboy: This Duke is a brute. He is a troll, for one thing, which makes him unusual, but the worst part is that he's actually frighteningly intelligent. He uses his troll appearance and strength to appear more stupid than he really is, in order to sucker people into underestimating him. Wise fae know better and treat him with respect. Played by Colin "Skinhead" Campbell
Lord Sardath Harkon: A very powerful elven mage. He is married to Lady Alana Harkon and has seven children by her, including Lucas, Briar Rose (players), and Iris Rose. Up until the very recent birth of Iris Rose he all but ignored his wife. Now he appears to be more active in her life. Other fae tend to think of him as creepy and frightening. Played by Jes Perry
Namora:Unseelie servant to Lady Alana Harkon. Namora started working for lady Harkon just before the birth of her daughter, Iris Rose. She is quiet and unassuming. Played by Cheryl Knopfler
Puck: Former King of the Court. Puck was last seen alive at Light of Hope (3 years ago, perhaps 2). No one has seen him since and he is currently missing, though it is rumored that Sir Lucas Harkon is in possession of his crown. Usually played by Jony Balboni
Sir Lucas Harkon: 3rd son of Lord Sardath Harkon. He has taken up residence in Chimeron and helps the human kingdoms. Former squire to King Oberon, he was actually responsible for the King's death and Puck's ascension to the throne. Recently, he was married to an Out-of-Fae elf called Shalindra. Played by Alex Newbold, PLAYER
Kilteer: Half fair-skinned drow, Kilteer, gave a Wayland blade to a demon who wanted Oberon dead when Oberon was in the process of invading Darkvale. At that time, Kilteer became a hunted man, and vanished for many years. He came out of hiding at the death of Oberon, and since Oberon's return has not gone running. Perhaps his long exile is over? Played by Nate King, PLAYER
Oliver Zaral: Oliver is a satyr from the House Zaral. He likes swords, women, ale...and swords, not necessarily in that order. He spends an awful lot of his time chasing skirts and drinking himself under the table. An amusing fellow to be around. Played by Phil Maiewski, PLAYER
Nakoya GreenSpiral: Nakoya is one of the rare, living Bear Lycanthropes. She has just woken up from her hibernation, so she is a bit grumpy and addle-brained today. Played by Sarah G, PLAYER

Seelie Court

Queen Titania: Titania has not been seen in some time. She is usually more active, but since King Oberon died, she has not left the Seelie court for a few years. Even after Oberon was brought back to life by Grindelo, Titania has failed to make any major appearences, and the courts are little bored actually that she has not any good scheming for a while. There are rumors that she is 'not well'. Played by Susan 'Andi' Dunphy; this character will not be making an appearence during the event.
Princess Linelle: Linelle is honest and forthright where Puck was always pernicious and sly. Linelle has suprisingly made a trip to the Unseelie court during the weekend's festivities. The Unseelie wonder what she is up to. Played by Keri Reuss
Duchess Eyebright: Traveling here with Linelle, Eyebright often seems to be off in her own little world. However, there is no better person to ask questions about divination or the future. Her ability to make predictations and warnings about future events are legendary. Played by Lynne Chinigo
Duchess Chance: Chance has earned her name well, she always seems to be involved in a dice game or a card game or a sideline bet. She is a laughing, fun-loving fae, but if there is a game on she is as serious as a heart attack. She often sticks up for the underdog. Played by Carol Bendonis
Lady Alana Harkon: Although Alana is of the Seelie court, she lives with her husband in the Unseelie territory, rarely making an appearance into the Seelie court. Early in her life she was seen as a social climber, marrying her way into position. Recently there seems to be a new depth of feeling to her. She has befriended Cassia, the kidnapped human woman.Played by Anne Livermore Rookey
Sir Lucas Brighthair: An Elven Knight, knighted during the first appearance of the Fury for his bravery, Brighthair has spent many years wandering through the world. After the last appearance of the Fury, he returned to the Seelie court to help Queen Titania and act as her messenger in the Unseelie court. He is a grave, dignified man, known for his wisdom. Played by Karl Rookey
KinstiligonSithicas: Called Kinstil by the humans, this Whelp is allied with the kingdom of Chimeron, and bounces back and forth between Fae and Chimeron as an unofficial messenger. Although he used to be a spell-caster, in a fight for his kingdom he broke his restriction, picking up fallen blades and defending his friends in the midst of a battle. The humans trust his word and he is an honorable elf. Played by Jeffo Ogorzalek PLAYER
Rosemary Ravenscry:Rosemary is an Evergreen dryad. A young fae, she has recently attained the position of Peon and is quite proud of herself. She is helping Cassia in the kitchen. Played by Kimber Wood PLAYER
Iris Rose: The daughter of Sardath and Alana Harkon. She is a bright and happy child. Played by Elizabeth Rookey

Other People of Note

Cassia: A human woman from Chimeron and Queen Meg's court who has been kidnapped into Fae. Oberon is making her prepare a feast for the human. Played by Susan 'Andi' Dunphy
Old Tom:Also known as Thomas Lynn, Tom was known for being quite the charmer, and has been linked romantically to Titania, Eyebright, and many others. He's a human who made his home here. Up until recently, he was good friends with Oberon, but since Oberon's renewal, he has avoided the Unseelie king. Many of the Fae call Old Tom the King of the May, but the title appears mostly a courtesy. This character is usually played by Chris 'Lackey' Chaney, but will need to be portrayed during the event.
Sir Trista:A Knight of the Realms who has been living in Fae for the past ten years or so. The most interesting thing is that most fae remember Sir Trista entering Fae as a young man, but now she is a woman. She has a wife, two sons, and a squire in her encampment. Played by Siani Overstreet PLAYER
Zeek:The Zeek has been in Chimeron for many years. The other fae find him interesting. He does not seem to be aware of his nature. Played by Sean Anderson PLAYER
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