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Nero's Vision

Author: Nero, scribed by Zeek McKrye
Place/Gathering Discovered: Rhiassa
Date: 1004
Transcribed by: Aberes

Nero's Vision: How do I make a sanctuary to protect Fae from the shockwave?

Take a small party.
Take a boat to Temple of Time.
Bargain with a Priest of Time (acolyte)
Leave out the door we came in.

Gray'll show up, point out the door.
Leave and find Faelinn, holding a crystal.
While talking, she gestures and chats with a faceless man with Hammer.
Chats with another Faceless man in the same body and robes.
They stand together, symbolically, like dolls.
One with a Hammer. Hammer is a Sword.
One with Robes lays hands on the Sword.
Priestly Robes they are, holds up Sword.
Same gestures as Faelinn. Chatting.
Lightning sparks and crackles around a goblin...
...then fades away. After rolling a pair of dice,
you can't see the result.

Tags: Personal Account, Player Character
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