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Tain Bo Cualnge

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Under the Hill, Rites of War 1
Date: 7/21/1006
Transcribed by: Faelinn Shadowmoon
The Combat of Cur with Cuchulain

The men of Erin discussed among themselves who of them would be fit to attack Cuchlain. And what they all said was that Cur ('the Hero') son of Da Loth should be the one to attack him. For thus it stood with Cur: No joy was it to be his bedfellow or to live with him. And they said: "Even should it be Cur that falls, a trouble and care would be removed from the hosts. Should it be Cuchulain. it would be so much the better."

Cur was summoned to Medb's tent. "For what do they want me?" Cur asked. "To engage with Cuchulain," replied Medb. "Little ye rate our worth. Nay, but it is wonderful how ye regard it. Too tender is the youth with whom ye compare me. Had I known I was sent against him I would not have come myself. I would have lads enough of his age from amongst my people to go meet him on a ford."

"Indeed, it is easy to talk so." quoth Cormac Conlongas son of Conchobar. "It would be well worth while for thyself if by thee fell Cuchulain." "Howbeit," said Cur, "since on myself it falls, make ye ready a journey for me at morn's early hour on the morrow, for a pleasure I will make of the way to this fight, a-going to meet Cuchulain. It is not this will detain you, namely the killing of yonder wildling Cuchulain!"

"Na rowan riahm faigh bas"

Then early on the morrow morn arose Cur macDa Loth. A cart-load of arms was taken along with him wherewith to engage with Cuchulain, and he began to ply his weapons, seeking to kill Cuchulain. Now Cuchulain had gone early that day to practice his feats of valour and prowess. These are the names of them all:

the Apple-feat,
and the Edge-feat,
and the Level Shield-feat,
and the Little Dart-feat,
and the Rope-feat,
and the Body-feat,
and the Feat of Catt,
and the Hero's Salmon-leap,
and the Pole-cast,
and the Leap over a Blow (?),
and the Folding of a noble Chariot-fighter,
and the Gae Bulga ('the Barbed Spear'),
and the Vantage (?) of Swiftness,
and the Wheel-feat,
and the Rimfeat,'
and the Over-Breath-feat,
and the Breaking of a Sword,
and the Champion's Cry,
and the Measured Stroke,
and the Side Stroke,
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