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Twilight Fae

The Twilight Fae's numbers are few now; only three women and a female infant remain.
They are missing an precious artifact known as "The Great Eye".
In order for their tribe to continue, they need male Fae who are close enough to their ways and thoughts. However, it's much easier for females to find them than males; Fae than non-Fae to find them.
They're looking to find "The Druid of Old" (Rel), and fear if they are found by the Demoness who currently resides in the Druid's position of the Five Counselors, they will be destroyed, unable to cycle.

The eldest woman said the stars have shown her that their fate will be sealed by August, and their time is running out.

The women paint their faces in red, and pink, though very rarely orange or yellow as well. They wear furs during the colder months, and barely anything in the warmer ones. As they traveled, the eldest sung songs, often sad, full of memories and nostalgia. One such song was a tribute to Airavarri, whom they call a "legendary martyr", in respects to his sacrifice to protect them.
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