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Burnt Out Argyll

Dame Faelinn passed over a box of schlok, but at the bottom was a burned out set of documents. I have attempted to stitch it all back together, and will scribe here what I see. - Sir Iawen Penn

Gentlemen--inform you of one beauty AM DM AM
Though I'd As--not to seek her for awhile DM DM AM G
Though I ow--re of character and feature AM DM AM
No Words--of the Queen of all Argyll EM C AM EM AM

And if you could have seen her there, boys if you had just been there AM DM EM
The swan was in her movement, and the morning in her smile. AM DM AM EM G
All the roses of the garden, they bow and ask her pardon AM DM EM
For not one could match the beauty of the Queen of all Argyll AM C AM EM AM

On that evening that I mention, I passed with light intention
Through a part of our dear country known for beauty and for style
'Tis a place of noble thinkers, of scholars and great drinkers
But above them all for splendor shone the Queen of all Argyll


So my lads my needs must leave you, my intentions not to grieve you
Nor Indeed would I deceive you, oh I'll see you in a while
I must find some way to gain her, to court her and to tame her
I fear my heart's in danger from the Queen of all Argyll.


In the shadow of the fall of Ulster, many humans mimicked the legend of the red
Rowan and Cucullain's half-mortal son. From the fallen tribes, some arose again
and populated the mortal realm. Among the rulers of these nations was a woman of
Such beauty that both Cucullain and Mab were smitten with her and offered her a
place among the Faerie. So Impressed was she with the fae that she took a knee to
The Courts and Became the Duchess of Beauty - The Eternal Queen of Argyll.

Now the winter it is ended, buds bloom, the earth is mended
But I long to see the maiden with the Sunlight in her smile
I sing out now to my lady, Awake and Come Save Me
For beauty has Lost Meaning with no Queen of all Argyll


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