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The Many Woven Branches

Author: Faelinn Shadowmoon
Date: May 26, 1011

This document is a companion document to my last work entitled On the Infinite Dark.

Tasked by the Wairudo circle of Munuko under the trial of To, I was given the challenge of studying the interaction of the many aspects and beings within the realm of Faerie. Though this task seems daunting, the idea is not without merit. Indeed, the relationship of the many threats facing the plane of Fae have been noted to be linked in many instances.

The information is presented here in good faith and without personal bias as best as I am able. As more information is discovered, I hope to update this document and encourage others to do the same.

This document is dedicated to my friend Stanley in the Chimeron library.

~Faelinn Shadowmoon
Lady of the City of Ivory
High Priestess of Aurora
Knight of the Crown
First Lady of Faerie
Lady of Darkvale
Magus of the Realms

Na bealaí na Sidhe: The Many Woven Branches

By Faelinn Shadowmoon

May 26, 1011

In the hunt for information about mortal interactions with Fae, many books were written by both mortal and fae creature stating their various beliefs. Arguments have been made by both sides that influence can be made by force of will. Those same arguments have been countered by revelations that “influence” is all a matter of perspective and/or a game to one or both parties. Both arguments have merits and both have their flaws. Despite this, there are many factors that play a part in the interactions of Fae and other realms. It is thought that if many parts of Fae lore and Fae conflicts are interwoven, then there might be a key or ally hidden that can be utilized in the fight against the Infinite Dark.

The history of the realm of Fae has be touched upon in other works. There is no clear “beginning” of the realm; only the beginning of fae creatures coming to the plane of Fae.

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