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Quest into the Z Blade

Type of Missve: personal correspondence between Sir Zula Darkwillow and Squire Rorin Akanar
Date: 6/9/1008
Responses: no
I apologize for my untimely response, but here is my account:

After we entered the sword we traveled down a path that seemed to simply cut through the darkness, nothing truly occurred here. We shortly came across a keep, the path ended here and we joined the battle against the bois.

My recollection of time is completely inaccurate I'm sure, I was too distracted by the endless onslaught of bois that we were met with. The fae and Lu'Ellan (spelling, I know) with Rel and Rio amongst them had the bois held at the gates to the keep, though the sight was gruesome, many were dead and dying.

Our fighters joined the Fae ranks, and as this occurred the endless tide that was the stuff of Bedlam seemed to strengthen as well. I began the defense on an upper rampart, keeping sure that Sir Vawn's limbs were healed.

The True Duke of Magic seemed to gain quite a bit of power after we had been apart of the fight for a good amount of time, he began hurling fireballs into the flood of bois and was able to hold a good amount back.

Throughout our defense the occasional group of bois would force their way into the keep through other means, details of this are unknown to me.
I continued my defense down behind the front line, healing limbs and assisting Twen as she healed the front line as best I could. A few more healers joined us and I joined Gaiden and Bright on the ramparts to discuss possible solutions to the problem. The keep was simply a light in the darkness, we were completely surrounded by bois, and darkness, there would be no end to the assault.

Before we came up with a reasonable solution the bois had broken through our front line, and flooded themselves into the keep, at the time I didn't know how they had done this, but now I feel I have a good idea as to how.

As they stormed around us I called to Luna with everything I had, quickly asked for any assistance she could offer and was granted a healing surge... I could raise anyone I touched for as long as I remained alive. I got up as many as I could before I was hunted down and killed. Shortly after this a cry of life went off (I'm aware of this due to a fortunate charging of Death Watch). The "Zula-bois" (or boi, whatever the correct term would be, stupid grammar discrepancies) was wandering about the dead, killing all it could until he came across the body of Lu'Ellan.

He began to scalp him, and I snuck my way up the stairwell as best I could. Suddenly I was attacked, and I defended myself as best I could, eventually the darkness declared its destruction of Lu'Ellan and the keep began to twist.

Fortunately I was able to resist the explosion and destruction of the sword through my magic, though most everyone else was left dead and scalped. That's when Janus and I began our work to revive all we could.

In Service,
Your Squire.
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